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Friday, October 31, 2008

water is conscious...? "...water is life..." ?

watched this DVD called "Water"
which explores recent research
that water has memory...

water can be programed
the program it is carrying
is revealed in its crystalline structure..

it remembers
it comes in contact with

the electromagnetic pulses
of the human heart
are enough

our conscious
or unconscious thoughts
& intention
are enough

to influence
the molecular structure
of water....................................!

for me
the implications are
our goal ought to be:
to create
a more loving world
for all life...

they did this experiment where they filled
two clear glass beakers
with sludge, a "waste" product from oil drilling
that is a solution of thick oil and water
they set a device against one of the beakers
that emitted subtle electromagnetic energy
about the same as that emitted by the human heart
& within 7 days the water
had completely separated out
from the oil in the test sample...

that night after watching this DVD
i dreamed deep
and was very conscious in my sleep
this notion emerged that
perhaps it is the water in our brains
that holds our memories

given that each of us are over two thirds water

perhaps it is through this water
& its connection to all water
which holds the memory of the history of the planet
the solar system, and the cosmos
that we access
the akashic record
the entire history, herstory,
our story of the universe
past, present, and future...?

the phrase "water is life"
played around in my mind in my sleep
as i felt this connectedness to all water
through my thoughts & the ideas
that perhaps the water was giving to me ?

it is our destiny
& homework
to practice being
more conscious...?

we have had the opportunity
to practice unconsciousness
as a society
& have found out the hard way
where that leads time and time again...?

pollution of the water is a function
of this unconsciousness
an outward expression
of unlovingness...
an ignorance
of the basic truth of our existence:
that we are all connected
everything is connected
& effected
by everything else...?

the reason we pollute
physically & psychically
is fear...? greed is fear? anger is fear?
the crystalline structure of water
that has absorbed fear is dire, drastic,
chaotic...even disturbing to look at...
yet how much time in our day are we
motivated by fear, doubt, anger,
or carelessness...the desire not to care...

afraid of being held responsible for our actions
afraid of having to be conscious
of having to awaken...?

bringing oneself to a conscious awareness
of love, gratitude,
&/or the divine
the ever presence
the holy spirit
the spirit of holiness
structures the water
of which we are made
into beautiful fluid
crystalline sacred geometric harmonies...

it occurred to me
that global harmony can be achieved
as we make this awareness a
personal priority...
the difference one person can make

it is the souls mission
to choose consciousness
over ignorance...?

programing and thus structuring
our water & our bodies
with the highest resonance
impacts the rest of our world

Thursday, October 23, 2008

whatzup with that couple thing...?

can be a very lonely place...

it can almost seem like exile sometimes
from a more loving connected place...

& just when you're feeling
the full weight of this
you are graced
with seeing couples
being affectionate
& loving
with one another...

as if the universe
somehow wants
to drive home
the point
of what you're missing...

& why are you missing it?

but that the universe
& you
way back
that it would be exactly
the perfect thing
at this moment
for you to feel

according to the master plan
this will of course trigger some
grand unfolding of realization,
some great awakening...
some crucial sequence of events
the future of the cosmos has been depending on
since the dawn of time...


just another night
on the planet

to the distant waves

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

in the middle of the road...

late the other night
parked on a quiet street
i was sitting in my vw bus
eating some fruit
spacing out
spacing in
i looked up the street
about half a block
saw this amorphous blob
that i hadn't noticed
moments before...

from where i sat i could see for 3 blocks
to the changing traffic light
reflecting it's color
off the angle of the pavement

i first thought it was a jacket
some skateboarder or bike-rider
may have dropped

suddenly the blob moved

it was a cat
thrusting it's snout at the ground
while rolling over on it's back
in that cute move we've all seen them do
it's feet up at the sky
lolling on the pavement
in the middle of the road
as if it were on the living room carpet
rolling over first on one side
then rolling back over to the other
trying to find that right comfy posture...

you could hear the ocean waves
crashing in the distance...

the occasional city bus
passing on the cross street

even see the headlights of a car
waiting at the traffic light 2 blocks away
but no cars coming up this street...

the silence
the quiet of the city was precious
& precise...

all the sleeping people
spinning their dreams
into the universe of a night on earth...

the cat
was black
& in
no hurry
or worry...

what are we to make of this...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Destiny calling...

guess one could say that yes
i made love with Destiny
one night in a rain, thunder, & lightning storm
in rainbow hot springs
after the gathering
in Colorado
until they kicked us out
at closing time...

she calls
out of the blue
every once in a while
usually from somewhere in the southwest
half crazy
because she is
bipolar certified...

babbling through half the conversation
about connections & synchronicityz
only she sees

she had us married more than a few times
seeing me out there in her universe
right there with her
until i remind her i wasn't really there

as she moves through her landscape
of tolerant friends & family
her 7 children all grown now...
no doubt trying to live their own lives
her dream of musical stardom still burning
or some kind of fame...
to match her delusions of grandeur...
her desire to have a positive impact
on the future of the world...

once a long time ago
there was a beautiful young woman
walking through the desert
with a big wolf-like alpha dog
in that stark light of late morning
i asked her
her name

she said, "...Destiny..."
i fell over backwards in the dust
laughing at the irony
turns out the dogs name was

a girl named Destiny
& a dog named Mystery
she disappeared that day...

but here it is
when she calls
how do you just hang up
on Destiny
there may always be
something to learn...

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