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Friday, May 28, 2010

Crude Oil is ancient afternoons...WE Eat The Sun?

As we watch
and feel
the great outpouring
a mile deep
from the bottom
of the Gulf of Mexico
of the dark liquid
we run our world on

as if it is some great toxic foreign maliciousness
it's important to realize
where did it come from
how did it get here
and what is it

I'm told that as recently as 10,000,000 years ago
the Earth was a forest planet
covered with among other things
12 different varieties of Redwood trees
that it really was a planet of the apes
as several different versions of our ancestors
enjoyed life in the trees...

Trees job is to collect, absorb,
and metabolize solar radiation
for the planet
by rearranging water and soil into solar collectors...

As a forest lives and dies by seasons
laying down layers of leaves and needles
(old spent solar collectors)
seeds and branches
creating eons of dark rich soils
these eventually become buried
under layers of rock, sediments, and stone
that press down on these ancient forests
and if enough pressure is applied over a long enough time
there's coal, diamonds, or oil...
the distilled remnant of our ancient forests
the Earths solar receptors...
the liquefied version of ancient sunny days
the encyclopedia of ancient afternoons...

the recorded memory of the weather
now gumbo and lubricant for the world
that the Earth for reasons as yet unknown
has decided in the few short 130 years to
use humanity to extract from it's depths
and disperse up into its atmosphere
converting from rock and liquid
to gaseous state at such a rate
that we have come to the brink of our own ending..
self annihilation...
and the Earth will go on
barely registering us in the geological record
as the agency or mechanism it used to perform
this recycling of the ancient forests' chemical essences
into atmospheric constituencies
for what purpose?

But right now
our whole world
is coming awake
to the need
to come to consciousness
to realize our full potential
as Earth born cosmic citizens
not just as Earthly mechanisms...

To responsibly apply the break
to this process of recycling the ancient forest energies
while we still have a chance
to create a world we can live in sustainably...

Because if we were to pump all the oil out of the ground
would we still be able to live here...?

We have a chance right now
to embark on an evolutionary step

by moving away from fossil fuel
and towards the application of our genius
to discover new ways of living on Earth
with the Earth...
Like the exploration and recovery of
subtle energy science, engineering, and technologies
that appears to have been common knowledge
to our ancestors a mere 5,000 years ago...
Like developing the most efficient methods of
direct solar collection...
seeing as how most means of energy production
we use as a society (oil,coal, wood)
originate with the Sun...
and even our food consumption is
based on the nutritional value derived from
eating food we grow that collects
solar energy...
or we eat flesh of creatures that
eat other organisms that collect solar radiation...
In other words its no wonder there are ancient religious practices
for giving thanks to the Sun...
Because basically
We eat the Sun!!!
In fact if the food we eat doesn't have enough sunlight in it
we can't live off it...
no matter how glitzy the packaging, stock price, or projected market share!

So it's all about how we harvest the sunlight
what is good for us...all
not just a few of us
but all of humanity
or else what are we all doing this world for...
because it is clear that if we are not all
living our lives optimally for the betterment of our selves AND everyone else
we all die
a little at a time
but eventually we all die until there is nothing of us left
if we're all living for the aggrandizement of the few
no one wins, and we all die...
whereas if we live and work for the betterment of all life
for the seventh generation in the future
making out daily and long term decisions
based on what is good for
our great great great great grandchildren
we may have a chance of creating a world
they might cherish
because we communicated our love to them
by leaving a healthy, vibrant world
for them to pass on...

we have as usual
a chance to choose consciousness
or not...
may cooler heads prevail...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Halo DAE, did i go down the rabbit hole? I am so full of compliments for you and your work...the greatness just goes on and on... I love your compositions...all of your work is amazing. You have a way with words and your perspective is enchanting. I am very happy to know you. Namaste & Your's in Christ, Ava Roth

11:14 AM  

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