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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

accessing the akashic record...?

Nov. 1996 doing astrology readings
at the Atlanta Whole Life Expo
i met Gary Bonnell
who was there promoting his book
Your Book of Life: Accessing the Akashic Records
a month later i read the book,
memorized 2 of the creative visualization meditations
one for accessing the the akashic records
and one for accessing your own book of life...
over the next month & a half
i practiced one of these every day...
over the years i've practiced this many times
and have actually taught the meditation at
Rainbow Gatherings all over the world...

at these workshops i've described
the akashic records as:
the entire history, herstory, & ourstory of the universe
past, present, and future...
Gary said he had been accessing the akashic records
since he was 8...
i asked if he practiced the meditations
and he said they were just a tool
but that once you know where to go
you can just go there...

what i've found is that the meditation experience
serves to give people the context
to accept the fact that as children of the light
we have complete permission
to access the akashic record...

from my own experience
if and when one accepts this fact
and gives oneself permission
one can construct ones own version of
a creative visualization...
at one of the workshops i gave at the first
World Rainbow Gathering in Australia in 2000
one of the folks took issue with
some of the western iconography
in the visualization
so we constructed one that
circumvented that concern
and it worked just as well...
and has become one of my favorites...

there are at least as many ways into the akashic
as there are people...

back in the winter of 1996-97
the first time i went into the akashic records
i did so just as sort of a test flight
to make sure i'd memorized the script correctly
so when i got in there
and stood before the book on the alter
facing this big black mirror
and could finally ask a question
i wasn't sure what to ask at first...
then it came to me and i asked
to be shown what the universe
wanted me to know most...
immediately it came back:
"that you are loved"
i said yeah yeah sure
because this sounded like
just me making something up...
i said but tell me something more,
expecting something more mystical
with more bells and whistles
but the universe said
"you are loved"
i asked again and the answer came back the same
"you are loved"
finally i decided to end the session...
when i came out of the meditation
and wrote out the experience
the full weight of the significance
of the message filled me...

the next day i went in
and when i asked the question
to be shown whatever the universe
wanted me to know most...
i was shown the moment i was invited
to come into this universe...
i was told that certain aspects of divinity
had created a place that was so effective
that they had gotten caught up in
and stuck their own creation...
so the universe had invited
other aspects of divinity
to go into this place and awaken them
to the truth of their perdicament,
their origins, & their nature...
but this second group of "souls"
had also gotten stuck...
so the universe was inviting me
among another wave of others
to incarnate and accomplish the mission...
i was shown the moment of my gleeful response...
i was told that since then i had already incarnated
1878 times...and that the first time had been as
a doctor in the late 1700/early 1800
not all of these incarnations were full
some may have been brief
and im not sure that they were all as humans
the point of them all though was:
first to become acclimated to this place...
second to assess what was it
about this process of incarnation on Earth that
was so captivating
that souls forgot who they really were
and perceived themselves as
somehow separate from divinity...
and thirdly to then see what could be done
to rectify the situation...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Akashic records can also be used to locate one's soulmate. A love psychic is especially good at this.

7:05 AM  

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