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Monday, November 17, 2008

cotton candy...?


it's felt like
my life
is just so much
cotton candy

i seem to keep being
presented with all these
great opportunities
what would be great opportunities
if they actually manifested

but not far into the tunnel of illusion
and "gee whizz...wouldnt it be cool if..."
they go poof...

they looks great from a distance
but when you bite into them
there's nothing there
and pretty colored sugar
which may be fine at first
but then
it's just a mouthful of sugar
and then a belly full of sugar
and you're like

so then the question comes
what the heck was that all about
why invite me to the ball
get me all dressed up for the ball
only to have me show up at the ball
and there be no ball...

at some point
the idea that i'm "just being tested "
wears thin
danged thin
and then
what? what ?
what ? what ? what ?
what what what what?
the question becomes
what is the point of all this again...?

thanks for listening...


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