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Monday, October 20, 2008

Destiny calling...

guess one could say that yes
i made love with Destiny
one night in a rain, thunder, & lightning storm
in rainbow hot springs
after the gathering
in Colorado
until they kicked us out
at closing time...

she calls
out of the blue
every once in a while
usually from somewhere in the southwest
half crazy
because she is
bipolar certified...

babbling through half the conversation
about connections & synchronicityz
only she sees

she had us married more than a few times
seeing me out there in her universe
right there with her
until i remind her i wasn't really there

as she moves through her landscape
of tolerant friends & family
her 7 children all grown now...
no doubt trying to live their own lives
her dream of musical stardom still burning
or some kind of fame...
to match her delusions of grandeur...
her desire to have a positive impact
on the future of the world...

once a long time ago
there was a beautiful young woman
walking through the desert
with a big wolf-like alpha dog
in that stark light of late morning
i asked her
her name

she said, "...Destiny..."
i fell over backwards in the dust
laughing at the irony
turns out the dogs name was

a girl named Destiny
& a dog named Mystery
she disappeared that day...

but here it is
when she calls
how do you just hang up
on Destiny
there may always be
something to learn...



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