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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

in the middle of the road...

late the other night
parked on a quiet street
i was sitting in my vw bus
eating some fruit
spacing out
spacing in
i looked up the street
about half a block
saw this amorphous blob
that i hadn't noticed
moments before...

from where i sat i could see for 3 blocks
to the changing traffic light
reflecting it's color
off the angle of the pavement

i first thought it was a jacket
some skateboarder or bike-rider
may have dropped

suddenly the blob moved

it was a cat
thrusting it's snout at the ground
while rolling over on it's back
in that cute move we've all seen them do
it's feet up at the sky
lolling on the pavement
in the middle of the road
as if it were on the living room carpet
rolling over first on one side
then rolling back over to the other
trying to find that right comfy posture...

you could hear the ocean waves
crashing in the distance...

the occasional city bus
passing on the cross street

even see the headlights of a car
waiting at the traffic light 2 blocks away
but no cars coming up this street...

the silence
the quiet of the city was precious
& precise...

all the sleeping people
spinning their dreams
into the universe of a night on earth...

the cat
was black
& in
no hurry
or worry...

what are we to make of this...


Anonymous Mary Beth French said...

A black cat appeared near me , near some cars near me, on Halloween. I jumped over the pavement to some dirt, to make sure the cat didn't cross in my path. I have enough to deal with in my life, than a black cat crossing my path on Halloween 08"

9:18 PM  

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