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Sunday, October 01, 2006

there is infinity...?

i' m
standing at a crosswalk
waiting for the light
it's nearing sunset
looking down at the pavement
it suddenly occurs to me
how infinite
everything is...

we live
an infinity
of infinities
just on this planet
within our bodies

i overheard someone
whose face i never saw
talking on their cellphone
as they passed
just a random sentence
about a friend of theirs
said with such enthusiasm
i recognised it
as the same life
i claim as genuine,
valid, important, & mine
& in that instant i was
reminded of how everyone
who has ever lived
has cherished their life so..

how vast & infinite
all those emotions


from the dawn of time
'til your reading this

and all the emotions
we have each missed

the opportunity
to react in a certain way
or other

as we choose
to react & emote
in the one certain way
that eventually
becomes our forgotten memories..

all this came in an instant
& as the light changed
i looked up in the sky
& thought of all the infinity
just within each of our bodies

down to the space between
all the subatomic particles
that go to make up
in our own thoughts
deep in our own life time/lifestory
hoping for the best
to happen for us...


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