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Sunday, May 14, 2006

the making of a phalse prophet...?

the making of a false prophet
comes of
a little knowledge
a lot of ego...

ego is hidden
within each person

by the inner thief
(who steals from the soul
the natural joy
of being within the divine reality...)

& the inner liar
(who deceives the soul
at every possible moment
about any awareness
of the ultimate truth
of our being...)

the thief & the liar
are the ego itself
in all the myriad forms
& masks the ego takes on
to perpetuate
its dominion over the soul

the soul is swamped
by the ego..

the ego tricks & challenges the soul
immersed in
(while the ego is perhaps the sole product of)
the illusions of
from god...

everything from a candy bar
to sex, drugs, tv, adventure
work, service, skill & the promise
of mastery, & control
are used by the ego
as carrots dangled in front of the soul
by the ego
as substitutes for god
to distract the soul from
progressing along
its divine path
& reaching the divine goal...

true love


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