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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the great mystery...

the great mystery
is no mystery
to the great mystery...
the illusion
of being
from the great mystery
is cherished
perception that serves
to keep
in the mortal world
the world of mortality
the world of the need
for living & dying

away from the truth
of ultimate

letting the children sleep
the great mystery
nurtures & nurishes
us all

'til we decide
each in our own time
to awaken
to the truth
of our unavoidable connectedness
& infinitude..
like an old movie seen many times before
everything is known
to the universe
perhaps its watching favorite parts
that make it all so interesting
to an infinite unending universe
yet the universe still
holds out hope
of being pleasantly surprised
by each & every one of us
each moment we're alive


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